Sunday, May 28, 2017


Made in Atlanta

Back in the day, the city of Atlanta Georgia was a best-kept secret to the world.

The culture was pure and our most cherished social party traditions held steadfast throughout the city as we the ambassadors of fun.

Party, have fun and love one another are the recollections seared in this old school players memories of an incredible era gone by.

Today it is a tad different than the memories would imply but at the end of the day, Atlanta is still the A.

To commemorate those wonderful days gone by CoolTeez presents to you the Made in Atlanta print on demand design slogan for our apparel. If you love this city with all your heart past or present represent it on your chest.

For your enjoyment here is a list of fond ATL reflections and memories indulged upon in this city.

1. If you remember how crunk Fat Tuesdays on old national highway on the south side of town this would be a nice addition to your cool t shirt sayings wardrobe collection.

2. Remember when Freaknic’ used to be in Piedmont Park and we would bbq all day and night till they kicked us out.

3. Recall when DJ Nabs used to rock the hell out of Club Excess and in later years smash Sunday nights at Kaya.

4. Think of when Satterwhite’s used to be the go to soul food spot in the city.

5. If you were born in Grady hospital you were forever labeled a “Grady Baby.”

6. Call to mind walking down those glorious steps at Atlanta Live on Saturdays into a sea of 3000 well-dressed party people being rocked by DJ DC The Brain Supreme.

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These are just a few memories of what the A meant to many people coming up in this city. In the future, Coolteez Apparel will be releasing several designs dedicated to our ATL way of life.

The Made in Atlanta collection is available in women’s and men’s streetwear hip hop clothing. Here is a selection of choice print on demand apparel that’s available on our website.

Women’s Unisex fun t-shirt
Ladies Scoop Neck custom teeshirt
V-Neck cool graphic tees for Women
Women’s tight tank tops
Racerback customized tank tops for Ladies
Ladies t shirt with hoodie
Ladies printed hooded sweatshirts
Women’s Long Sleeve custom printed tee shirts
Females fit caps
Females customized snapbacks
Females beenie hat
Young ladies skull cap beanie
Women’s customizable beanies with pom

Gentlemen’s hood t shirts
Guys Tall custom graphic tees
Guys muscle shirts
Guys Sleeveless muscle graphic tees
Gent’s oversized hooded sweatshirt
Gentlemen’s Tall designed hoodies
Gentlemen’s hoodies t shirt
Men’s Long Sleeve t shirts online
Men’s custom fitted hats
Men’s custom snapback caps
B-boys winter beanie hats
B-boys skull beanie hats
B-boys beanies with pom pom

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If you have memories of the great city of Atlanta please email us for the next blog post.

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